panneer soda

    Royal ‘Paneer’ contains a real rose petal flavour mixed with cane sugar and carbonated water, which delivers a unique traditional taste to drink. The natural rose petal flavour improves the taste and quality of the drink. Increasing high levels of cane sugar with infused carbon dioxide offers a same strong taste in each serving. Our ‘Paneer’ gives a soothing relaxation and a lovely taste often like heaven.

  • COLA


    Royal ‘mixed fruit cola’ is a unique mix of concentrated flavours of Grape, pineapple, Raspberry and Blackcurrant which seriously mixed up to taste fan-flippin-tastic. Since a very long time its being a Tiruchirappalli’s favourite drink for its unique taste and quality. Drink contains mixed fruit flavours, sugar, caramel and slight carbonation which gives a regional taste. Caramel colour is a natural additive that tints food products, providing the familiar colour consumers expect to see. While other colas simply go with the flow, Royal Cola continues to stand for individuality and regarded by many as the "flavour of freedom," consumers enjoy a refreshing soft drink that personifies individuality.



    Royal 'ORANGE' carbonated drink entered in to the market in 1972. Our orange drink perceived as the closest thing to eating a Tangy orange with carbonation. It contains sugar, natural pulp and slight carbonated water to deliver like consuming the whole fruit. Royal ‘Orange’ stands for its matchless vibrant colour, tempting mouth feel and nutrients.



    Royal ‘Cloudy lemonade’ is the first flavoured drink of our soft drink journey. Its incredible refreshing taste makes the consumer to felt the quintessential fizzy drink of summer. A Chilled Royal lemon on a hot day, embrace the customers throughout the summer as delicious sparkling drink. Our drink contains Lime essentials with sweetened carbonation which provides the crispy freshness to the consumers. Lemony taste drink is the best way to beat the heat and to quench the thirsty summer.



    Royal ‘Clear lemon’ is a fizzy drink flavoured with great juicy lemon & limes that will make you feel fully energized in all time. Our clear lemon is a delicious soft drink that personifies for its exclusive taste and original refreshment in summers. It contains natural lemon&lime flavours, sugar and carbonated water. In summers its flies off the retailer’s shelf for its distinctive reinvigorated freshness.



    Royal ‘Ginger soda’ is one flavour that is simply irresistible. Its anti inflammatory properties will soothe your stomach and feels you refreshed & energetic in the first gulp itself. Our traditional ginger soda is a well mixture of ginger, cumin, black pepper, mint flavours with sugar and carbonation. It is a sweetened spicy drink to relieve from nausea, vomiting and upset stomach. Even it’s preventing colon cancer.



    Royal ‘club soda’ is a plain desi soda from fresh water & carbonation. It is strong and crisp drink gives an energetic freshness and feels free when consumed. It will also make you feel relieved on those days when you have eaten a lot or need help with digestion. Often called Club or plain soda, this fizzy drink is one of the most energizing drinks that surely revive all age groups.




    Royal drinks “Mango Drink” is often called the “King of drinks”. It is one of the original Indian pulp based drink and it has set its trademark strongly in South India. It's been more than forty years consumer affection for Royal drinks ‘Mango Drink’. As of high speed PET bottle lines and glass bottle lines are installed at centre of tamilnadu to ensure that you get great Drink round the clock. It drink provides abundant health benefits because of the presence of adequate amount of nutrition. Our premium Royal drinks mango Drink made from overflowing luscious king of fruit mango. As of when you just sip of it feels like eating the favourite fruit over and over again. Our product is prepared under highly hygienic conditions and cleanliness, which surely make consumers to feel the taste of real south Indian mango. It stands out to be one of the most selling summer drinks of Royal drinks.



    Be it a dry, cold or rainy season; getting our hands on one of the grape does not mean waiting till arrival of summer and grape season. Because Royal drinks grape will never make you miss the fruit so much and wait. Royal drinks “grape drink” is the best cool drink to hang out for its unique Savour nutritious tropical yummy taste in any occasion. Grape is considered to be the queen in the family of citrus fruits. So we have renowned for their sweet taste.
    Royal drinks grape drink is an all-star pulp mix of all time as it is made up of the choicest and juicy grapes. Have it and it will leave you feeling refreshed at a go. Universally loved for its taste, color, thickness and wholesome properties, our grape drink is the grape lover's first choice. As you sip this tasty fruit drink you will be devouring one of the choicest fruit pulp combinations- all blended to provide utmost pleasure to your taste buds.



    An apple a day keeps the doctor away, Royal drinks”Apple drink” a day can keep thirst and tiredness at the bay. Our drink cherishes that love in present time and it’s quickly becoming the favourite drink since it contains the apple from India. Royal drinks apple drink made up of Juicy, classy, stylish, succulent, sumptuous and freshest apples combined with great ingredients gives you a riveting taste. Our brand value has increased for its excellent taste.
    The fruit Drinks processing plant are managed by teams of technically qualified professional who are well versed with production management and are capable of delivering quality products meeting the requirements of customers.


    Royal drinks “Orange drink” feels like biting into a crisp, juicy and perfectly ripe orange. Orange is a king of citrus fruits, originating from Central India, is extensively cultivated all around the India. Our Orange drink is the liquid extract of the fruit of the Indian Nagpur orange tree, made by squeezing the fresh orange is to deliver the most tasteful, healthiest and versatile fruit drink. In same it’s fulfil undeterred thirsty and tangy tasty. The orange drink is enjoying state wide dominance over the other fruit drinks, thanks to its incredible health benefits. So grab one today and enjoy Royal drinks “orange drink” guilt free as it is rich in Protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2. Enjoying the drink guilt free is now not just a dream but a reality.


    Royal Drinks “lemon drink” is an instant refreshingly cool drink of Trichy. We focus has been on delivering nothing but the very best in quality and taste with the feel of refreshes. While regular royal drinks lemon drink promises to aid in weight-loss by its unique taste. We have self-sustained R & D department at our plant. Food safety is at top priority at our plant. Very high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained all throughout the plant to meet standards. As of our lemon drink adds a splash of colour to your day. Moreover the sweet lemon Drink making everything better in life.